Feb 11, 2004
CMS Program Transmittals: Slower payment of legacy claims as incentive for HIPAA compliance February 27, 2004 Click here to view the documents:
Sep 22, 2003
Oakwood Healthcare Inc., NLRB \(Notice and Invitation to file briefs on interpretation and application of ")supervisory status") under the NLRA\)
Mar 1, 2003
This article proposes a definition of population health and differentiates the concept from public health, health promotion and social epidemiology.
Mar 1, 2003
This article traces the historical progression of the population health approach as part of health care delivery. The authors show how economic, medical and epidemiological trends have affected population health over the past two centuries.
Mar 1, 2003
This article discusses definitions of population health and how various models of can operationalize population health priniciples in diverse situations.
Nov 8, 2002
The TriCentral Palliative Care Program toolkit presents a wide range of educational, technical assistance and other support materials that address every aspect of program development. Based on the materials used in the TCPC Program, the toolkit provides a blueprint for the program, as well as…