Advocacy & Public Policy

Feb 2, 2021
PowerPlay is AHA’s on-demand series that connects you to major players in policy, politics and science in a new Administration and new Congress. You have less time and more to do, and these exclusive virtual events were created to deliver timely insights that only AHA can bring, on your schedule.
Nov 13, 2020
In two recent reports, the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) appears to use oversimplified analytic approach and draws overly broad conclusions about price variation and price growth variation. Their analysis does not address many of the key factors that can contribute to price variation and growth…
Sep 15, 2022
Since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic in March 2020, our nation’s hospitals and health systems have coped with intense pressure on staff and resources. Hospitals also are facing a host of other related challenges, including workforce shortages, supply disruptions, and rising expenses. These…
Sep 14, 2022
To aid hospitals’ and health systems’ participation in this important election, the AHA is encouraging members to view and utilize resources featured on its “We Care, We Vote” webpage.
Sep 13, 2022
Now is not the time for reductions in Medicare payments to providers. Congress should pass legislation to again suspend Medicare sequester cuts, so that hospitals and health systems can continue to care for patients, families and communities.
Sep 13, 2022
The Issue The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath have resulted in historic challenges for hospitals and health systems and the communities they serve in terms of recovery and rebuilding, placing unprecedented stress on the entire health care system and its financing.
Sep 13, 2022
The AHA urges Congress and the Biden Administration to extend the H@H program as currently authorized under the waiver to allow providers to continue to take steps to transform care delivery in a way that improves patient experience and outcomes while ensuring high patient safety. The Hospital…